How can you shave minutes off kids' dinner time and bath time? What do you do when your young son wants to moon everyone in sight? How do you keep your cool when your other half forgets a crucial family occasion?

Carol can provide answers to these questions and many more. In her first autobiography, Pants Optional, she draws on her experiences of growing up in a large family, getting married, coping with her parents and having children of her own. She writes with great insight and a wicked sense of humor, and willingly divulges some ingenious "family management" techniques in this funny, original take on family life.

Carol shares, "Pants Optional did not start out as a book. It was created from pure fear! For years I had been jotting down funny and unusual stories that happened to me, my husband, my children, my parents or my family members out of fear that I would forget them and not be able to pass them along to my children. So as the years went by I was attempting to create a  document that I would print out and give to my kids some Christmas. But as the stories accumulated I started realizing I had a beginning, middle and end that was slowly forming into a very humorous autobiography. Many were parenting tips that would "help" my kids later in life. I had, unknowingly, written my first draft of Pants Optional."

Featured Author: Carol L. Steingreaber

Carol graduated from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa with degrees in English Literature and Writing. She has experience as a correspondent, proofreader, editor, copywriter and marketing director. PO has been on the Amazon's Best Seller list, reviewed by the Cedar Rapids Gazette featured on her local CBS news. Carol's been a guest on the Michael S. Robinson New York talk radio show and on Microbin Radio. She resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her husband, Paul.